General Information

Here is general information about the work we do, for more specific information please see our event specific pages listed here.


We currently have the use of 8 high definition camcorders, this can come in use for shooting many angles at the same time therefore giving much more variety to the final production. Due to all cameras being high definition we are capable of producing blu-ray productions as well as high definition videos for the internet (youtube and other services). The use of high definition cameras for DVD production gives excellent quality as well as giving us more flexible footage to use. We have several tripods and camera clamps so we can mount cameras almost anywhere.


We have a compact sound recorders which gives excellent clarity, we can also record a feed straight from a mixing desk. We always listen closely to audio and clean feeds where needed, this can involve manual equalisation or compressing the dynamic range to get the best listening experience. We can author to dolby digital audio for DVD and PCM for bluray, we mix different sources to give the most clarity and best audio separation possible.


We have a portable lighting kit which is mostly used if the surrounding light isn’t adequate to give good video quality. The use of lighting can make a huge difference in the quality of interview footage as well as giving much clearer footage when using a green screen.

Special FXs

We currently have a portable green screen which is 3m wide by 2.3m tall as well as portable lighting equipment, in short this means we can set-up a green screen almost anywhere. Only imagination is the limit, we have used this for simple things like children having a short clip on the credits of a show with a separate animated background, where as in a more advanced project we have put a child in a car racing down thunder road. We can prepare videos for the use in shows as a projected backdrop or side projection, this has been very popular at shows where our videos have been used.

Post Production

We look at all footage and adjust as necessary, there are no set rules as it can involve tweaks to colour balance and saturation to fit the mood of the shot or more advanced techniques such a noise/grain reduction. You can rest assured all footage will look its best, the work done here is usually very subtle in the respect of it looks better but people can never tell why. We can also do full overlays for items such as name tags/titles, in short if you can think of it we can overlay it.

The Final Presentation

After all the above it would be a shame not to present it all well and use high quality media to deliver the final product. For discs we only use Verbatim and Falcon Media to give a excellent burn which will last. We have a range of DVD case colours, this can be to compliment the covers or to match ‘corporate colours’. We can design the covers or you can provide you own artwork to be used within the covers, we print all covers and discs using a high quality 6 colour printing system to give amazing colours and clarity. Put all this together and you have a product which is excellent in both quality and looks, a product you will be proud to present as your own.

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