We have decided it is time to give a little back to you… our customers.

So we are glad to announce our new referrals program, here’s how it works.


It begins with a happy customer like you, but why keep us a secret?


So tell other people about us.


And if they book us and mention you, you will receive a discount on your next order.


And they will benefit from our introductory discounts!

Terms and Conditions

The referral discount is 50p per DVD or Blu-ray sold, up to a maximum of 100 discs.

The referral discount can only be applied to a show charged on our normal tariffs (not discounted tariffs).

The referral discount can only be claimed after the referred person/company books and pays for a show in full.

A maximum of 3 referral discounts can be claimed against one show (£1.50 discount per DVD or Blu-ray), if you have more than 3 referrals the remainder will be applied to your next booking.

We reserve the right to withdraw or change these terms at any time.