Stage Productions

By stage productions we mean shows with a fixed stage area so this includes school/theatre productions, dance shows and live music amongst many.

We would normally use a minimum of 4 cameras for this kind of show but depending on the show we may use a different layout.

Below is the standard layout we would start with.

This shows a layout using 3 fixed cameras (yellow) and 1 operated camera (blue), this gives 3 very different set angles as well as good close ups.

This layout can be adapted to suit different shows or venues. We have used a 5 camera layout using 2 operated cameras at the back, we have also used an operated camera at the side to give angled close ups (see video samples here) . We will discuss with you before any show what the show contains and make suggestions on the layout to get the best footage.

We also offer a single angle option, this would involve a single camera to cover the stage area, rest assure in these situation we usually use 3 cameras, this can give the flexibility of different exposure levels as well as giving protection against any failures (not that we usually have any failures).

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