Please see below for our frequently asked questions, if you can’t find an answer to your question please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Booking Information
Are you DBS Checked?

I have a DBS enhanced certificate dated 16/12/2013, I have also joined the DBS update service so an up to date status can be obtained at any time.

How long will it take to have a video made?

We can turn most work around in 10 days, during busy periods this can be longer, we will advise at time of booking if this is the case.

At busy times which work takes priority?

The first to book will be processed first. At busy times we might not be able to produce a show to a deadline you are hoping for, if this is the case we will discuss other options which can include making filming dates earlier, or arranging a later delivery date.

What formats can you produce videos in?

We can author straight to DVD and Blu-ray, we can also upload to video websites such as youtube and vimeo.

We can supply video files in any format/resolution required, this can be optimised for playback on computers, phones or tablets.

Can you put more than one show on a single DVD/Blu-ray?

This is possible, there may be a reduction in quality if there is a lot of footage but we will mention this if we believe there may be a problem.

Do you offer services not listed on your website?

Currently we list services commonly asked for. Please contact us if you require another service and we will be more than happy to help.

How much does is it cost?

Please see our prices page – for services not listed please contact us.

Why are your prices so low?

We have set our pricing to be affordable so we sell the maximum number of copies and distribute the maximum number of smiles.

Do you have a maximum selling price?

We currently insist on a maximum selling price of £8.00 per DVD and £10.00 per blu-ray for multi-angle productions with a  maximum selling price of 7.00 per DVD and £9.00 per DVD/Blu-ray for single angle productions,

If you wish to sell at more than this please get in touch

If you wish to sell over this price we will charge 50% of everything above £7.00-£8.00 unless agreed in advance.

We insist on the maximum selling price as we keep our prices low so our DVDs can be sold at reasonable prices even at lower volumes, higher prices will have a negative effect on sales numbers and therefore our profits so this is a necessary charge.

How disruptive is filming a production?

We will require some space for filming as it will vary between types of shows and venues. We can discuss this when you book.

Can we see any samples?

We do have a sample videos page, but we are limited by how much we can show online due to permission rules. We can show much more of our work in person.

Another company has told me they can do it cheaper.

We are happy to discuss prices if you have a like for like quote, please contact us.

How many cameras do you use?

We currently use up to 7 high definition cameras for filming shows, we also have a pair of flip cams for backstage footage which you can use.

Why do you recommend a selling price of £7.00?

We recommend this price as it allows you to make a small profit while still keeping the DVDs affordable to the maximum number of people.

Please be aware we keep our costs low to allow this selling price and we don’t approve of our DVDs being sold for significantly more.

Do you offer discounts?

We do offer first order discounts, please see our prices page. We also offer a referral scheme for our existing customers.

Do I have to pay travel costs?

We currently don’t charge anything for travel but reserve the right to do this if excessive travel is involved, we will discuss this when booking if it may be needed.

Can I request any changes to my video?

You can request changes but please be aware this can delay production.